Organizational Training

Life-Spark provides professional development workshops for organizations of all types. Full-day, half-day or brown bag workshops tailored to your needs are available. We understand the need for training geared to meet the needs and objectives of the organization and its employees.
We currently offer comprehensive training on the following topics:

Prior to the training we conduct needs assessments. This process helps to tailor the training to the specific needs of the organization and remove the gaps between the current condition and the identified needs.

Our courses provide the interactive experience that maximizes the retention of the information covered and the ability of the students to apply these in real world situations. Our solution-oriented workshops use the latest training techniques, which incorporate a variety of methods to accommodate different learning styles.

Humor is integrated to help the learning process. Case studies and role-plays involve the participants in exploring the situations they encounter in their workplace. The activities presented are possibility-oriented, interactive and authentic. The participants are able to make analytical comparisons, participate equally in problem-solving and goal setting, practice active listening, be a part of group discussions and take responsibility for their decisions. The trainees leave the workshop with a personal action plan, which will help them effectively, address the issues in their own work environment.

Retention is best when the learner is involved.

Edward Scannell, University Conference Bureau, Arizona

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