My Unexpected Life Coaching Experience…

On a sunny day several years ago, I entered a little beauty product store. I was greeted by a beautiful young lady who was about to say goodbye to her teenage years. You hardly could claim her as a woman. You also would not testify that she was a kid. The name tag that was hanging on a ribbon from her neck was flipped backward so I couldn’t read it. She seemed to be so sad that I wanted to say something comforting and funny, but I could not see her name.

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  1. Hi Hoyt!

    I am so glad you shared the story about your little daughter! My Mom was also teaching me to “listen to the waves” through a big shell, but that was at the Black Sea! I’ll never forget that experience!

    I taught my daughter to do the same. She had very serious face when she was listening.

    The experience with the shell and the hermit crab probably will stay in the family history forever! Thanks for sharing! Keep it coming!:)

    Janna Yeshanova

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