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Successfully Resolving Conflicts / Embracing Change / Dealing With Difficult People

conflict_resolutionDifferences can be the sources of creativity, or they can serve to divide.

Craig Runde

  • Do you sometimes boil inside when you know you should speak up?
  • Do you avoid certain people even when you need to work with them?
  • Do others not support your efforts?
  • Do you get angry and make things worse?
  • Do you have to work with people who do not take actions to resolve what they complain about?
  • Do you ever back down quickly when challenged, and wish you hadn’t?
  • Do you believe in society’s myth that change is bad?

If you answered Yes to two or more questions, contact us!

This workshop fosters an awareness and understanding of how most conflicts can be solved without competition or anger. Even better, you can resolve conflicts in a way that actually benefits all concerned. It emphasizes the analysis of conflict that invades our everyday life.

In this program participants explore the many aspects of conflict and strategies for avoiding or de-escalating conflict in the workplace. This is particularly helpful for organizations dealing with teams, diversity issues, customer service, building partnerships, and preventing violence in the workplace.

This solution-oriented workshop uses the latest training techniques which incorporate a variety of methods to accommodate different learning styles. Case studies and role-plays involve the participants in exploring the meaning and cycles of conflict.

The importance of active listening, self-awareness, and appropriate responses to conflict are emphasized through the workshop. Time is taken to explore the attendees’ personal conflict styles and validate the knowledge which the participant brings to the workshop. There are also ample opportunities to ask specific, detailed questions.

The activities presented are possibility-oriented, interactive and authentic. The participants are able to make analytical comparisons, participate equally in problem-solving and goal setting, be a part of group discussions and take responsibilities for their decisions. The participants leave the workshop with a personal action plan, which will help them effectively address conflicts in their own work environment.

You’ll learn how…

  • …conversations can escalate into confrontations
  • …to confront someone in a manner which minimizes the probability of Escalation
  • …to de-escalate the conflict before you lose control
  • …to handle difficult people and crisis situations

The keystone of successful business is cooperation. Friction retards progress.

James Cash Penney

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